Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Call Center Last Meeting

Have you ever had a meeting were you did not know why you were there?  And then you find out it is because your boss is upset about your performance.  In this short video I create the last meeting of a sales person for a call center.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Smart Weigh CSB5KG review


Smart Weigh CSB5KG Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale with Bowl 11lb x 0.1oz / 5000 x 1g

I've been looking for an affordable scale for my kitchen.  When I was given the chance to use this scale, I took the chance.  I found that this scale meets my needs.

The scale requires two AA batteries (supplied).  The scale comes with two AA batteries and a clear plastic bowl that fits on top of the scale. The scale is stable and it easily accommodated a variety of containers on top.

The scale can easily be tared to eliminate the weight of the bowl or other containers.  If you start the scale with something on it, it automatically tares to the weight of the container and starts the weight at zero.  If you start the scale with nothing on it then add a container, to tare out the container weight press the on/off button and the scale will zero out.

The scale has two modes: lbs/oz and kg/gms.  With the mode button you can move back and forth between the two. The scale has a maximum capacity of 5000 gms.  I tested it against the weight of the pennies and verified that the measurements were accurate.

I received this product for a discounted price in-exchange for a fair and honest review.

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