Friday, December 27, 2013

The calm after Christmas

How peaceful it is today.
I don't feel gray.
Many are returning,
While I have been learning.

I am keeping it all,
While other are hardly keeping a doll.
I am able to rest
While other's hair is like a nest.

©2013 Brady Burgener

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Change in Christmas

As the years go by, people are changing how they see Christmas.  They are forgetting how they felt in the past years and what they have done to bring joy to other people's lives.

People are asking for bigger and better gifts.  They are not asking for what they need, but for what they would like to place in the trash in the next year.  All this does is cause our houses or our back yards to be filled with junk that never gets used.

The gifts of the years past are forgotten like last year's resolutions.  Why should we ask for more if we don't use what we got.

All that has happened to how people see Christmas, is proof that we have forgotten the real meaning on Christmas.

©2013 Brady Burgener

Christmas Commercialism

The morning has come and all are awake.  They sit waiting to see what has come.

The time has arrived for the fun to begin. The paper goes flying around the room.  No one can see what another has gotten and no one gives a care.

The battle has ended and all the warriors have left.  I look around to see the battle field.  Paper lies on the floor torn to shreds.  Boxes exploded leaving no evidence of their contents.

©2013 Brady Burgener

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Road Condition

Drifting, drifting as it comes down.  The brilliant glow of white is shown.  Slowly, slowly it comes closer to me.  I watch it as it meets its end in front of me.  It slams into the smooth glass.  It slowly melts until it is gone.  Here we sit, not moving at all able to watch the gentle snow flow.

Why can we not press forward down the path?  We need to get there, where joy and warmth waits.  All that I am able to see it snow and the back of the one in front of me.  The red lights go dim and I see movement so slightly.

All of a sudden a bright light can be seen.  On the road it comes burning up from the road.  It dances back and forth with a fierce devilish glow.  The gentle snow does not have a chance to hide. 

As we move forward another light can be seen, but this one is closer to my lane.  My tires are afraid of the fierce bite of the glow.  Again and again the lights come sooner, ever pushing us.  Finally the last light has come and gone, but now we are no longer on the path we set forth on.

©2013 Brady Burgener

Friday, December 6, 2013

What Is That Smell

What is that smell
It has hit my nose like a bell
Is that you my young individual?
“No” is given without cordial

What is that smell
I don’t believe what you sell
There must be something
That you must be demanding

Won’t it be nice to be keen?
Verse being unclean
The time has passed
To not leave words in the dust

We must take care of what is brewing
Before it starts stewing
I would not want a mess
To clean so I must press

Oh, where has the smell gone?
That did not belong

©2013 Brady Burgener