Monday, March 28, 2016

2-28-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #helmet #back #gum #puppet #ivy #canvas #encounter #glandular #homicide #destruction #word #challenge )
Ivy Helmet - Brady L.B. - Pen sketch
Random word challenge - Recording

Down in the depths of the jungles of wars gone by, rests the stories of the fallen puppets of evil men. Perhaps these evil beings had a glandular problem that caused them to bask in the destruction of so many people. The puppets committed homicide in the name of the greater good, without knowing the real intentions of their leaders.

Today we would like to encounter one of the stories left behind. A body laying face down in the mud. His helmet has fallen from his head and is now stuck in the ivy. As we take a closer look at this canvas of life, we see that this soldier was shot in the back. Could he have been shot with friendly fire, or was it that he had turned his back to the war to enjoy a piece of gum.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: helmet, back, gum, puppet, ivy, canvas, encounter, glandular, homicide, destruction

Saturday, March 26, 2016

3-15-2016 through 3-25-2016 Spring Distraction

This time of year can have many distraction from your life.

Calm down
Enjoy the time

You should sit down and have some icecream with those who you love.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

3-14-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #actor #believing #excitement #elastic #willow #blackness #hate #funnel #headphones #flesh #word #challenge )

Daily random word challenge

The actor Bill was filled with hate for his wife as he listened to her good bye message through the headphones of the movie set. She had funneled all his money to the private account of her lover. 

Waiting under the willow tree for him after making the money transfer she realized that her desires of the flesh may have left her with nothing. Her secret lover left her believing that he wanted to run away with her. The blackness of his elastic heart left her excitement in the dust when he left with the money.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: actor, believing, excitement, elastic, willow, blackness, hate, funnel, headphones, flesh

3-11-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #favor #fatality #daring #guilty #potential #aim #liberating #room #graffiti #rattle #random #word )
Daily random word challenge

It was the morning of the final fatality that Jim would add to his resume. Jim had favored to perform this act in a graffiti filled room of an abandoned hotel, because he had lost his daring nature. During recent jobs his nerves were rattled at what he was asked to accomplish. His aim today was to perform the deed in a place that did not have the potential of others finding him guilty on his last job. Jim's main thoughts were on how it would be very liberating to put all this all danger behind.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: favor, fatality, daring, guilty, potential, aim, liberating, room, graffiti, rattle

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3-10-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #eastern #exhibit #groovy #formula #abnormally #knuckles #whales #align #degenerate #gold #random #word )

Daily random word challenge

In the eastern corner of the flat degenerate world, lies a gold encrusted museum of the world that used to be. It was build so that it was aligned with the edge of the world. This museum had almost everything from the world that no longer exists. It stood as a reminder of what the human race no longer had. It had a sign with the word “groovy” that astonished all that visited. What was this sign used for? No one could figure out its true purpose. It had exhibits of extinct animals, such as the whales that died out when the oceans disappeared. It even had exhibits on abnormally large knuckles and body parts. At the center was the prized exhibit. It was that of the formula that had changed the world from a sphere to being flat.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: eastern, exhibit, groovy, formula, abnormally, knuckles, whales, align, degenerate, gold

3-9-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #human #voice #grain #dishonest #zebra #divinity #dumb #finishing #bloodstain #bitter #random #word )

Daily random word challenge

Kall the zebra was minding his own business, while he was eating his bitter grains. He was interrupted by a human voice sending out dishonest saying about all zebras. He was acting as if he had divinity over all zebras. The human pointed to the bloodstain on Kall’s leg and finishing with how dumb Kall was for getting hurt. The main part that he had left out is that the injury was caused by this very human while being chased around with a teaser. Kall was glad when his jailer had finally left his sight.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: human, voice, grain, dishonest, zebra, divinity, dumb, finishing, bloodstain, bitter

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Watercolor Bird

( #bird #water #color #colour #watercolor #pencil )
I created this bird using watercolor pencils.  I then when over the image with a moist paint brush to spread out the color.
©2016 Brady L.B.
Paper (75 g/m2)
Watercolor Pencils (fine touch brand)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016



What is my greatest Fear?

We would have to dive into the deep corners of my mind to find the place that I lock. It's the place I do not want to wander and try to avoid; down to the deepest chasms of terror and pain. In this place of horror we will find the things that I fear the most. In this journey we may not find the thing that I fear the most, but we will find things that cause impediment to functions of humanity.

We go down the long corridor of apprehension with doors of dread on each side. We decide to turn and look into a door that is old and causes fear by itself. We slowly turn the cell's lock to access the dismay that awaits us on the other side. The metal explodes around us as the magnitude of the devil awaiting on the other side is able to escape due to our actions. Our empty vessels begin to fill with the dread that is so vast. We begin to see the images of the world around us and the many complexities that it has.

Our minds try to comprehend all that we are seeing and then more images flow into our vacant container. The complexities of the galaxy begins to overflow our vessel, the anxiety of loneliness. But the images don't stop there, they continue to flow onto the ground around us beginning to fill the space around us. The air around us evacuates leaving us in the liquid of despair until we are unable to breath.

The only chance that we have is to close the door that no longer exists. We struggle to stay alive to no avail and we shut down.

After an unknown time we wake up to find the door has closed. All we feel is the cold, wet stone floor and curl up into the fetal position to stay warm.

©2016 Brady L.B.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3-8-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #charisma #American #dam #bestial #lollipop #poison #downfall #light #act #adult )

Daily random word challenge

DOWNFALL, DOWNFALl, DOWNFAll, DOWNFall, DOWNfall, DOWnfall, DOwnfall, Downfall, downfall

The American way of life is going into a downfall. The country that was led by adults has passed and has been replaced by children with charisma. They hand out beautiful, light lollipops full of poison. The poison brings the American mind into a bestial state; all yelling out for change and following the brightest penny while ignoring the dollar.

Soon the dam of incompetence will brake and the charismatic children will not know what to do. The world will see that we have fallen and became as little spoilt brats not knowing how to act as adults.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: charisma, American, dam, bestial, lollipop, poison, downfall, light, act, adult

Monday, March 7, 2016

3-7-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #gifted #barber #calling #pavement #baron #bubble #auction #primitive #drink #glamour )

Daily random word challenge

The whole town was gathering for the estate auction of the recently departed Baron. The auction was being held on the front pavement of the estate. A stage was set up with a single table next to the podium. In front of the stage were chairs set up for those who wanted to attend the auction. The people restlessly waited to see the stuff that the Baron had gathered in his life and perhaps walk home with some of the heritage that was contained on his estate.

The auctioneer walked up onto the stage and tried to calm the crowd.

"Attention! Attention! It is time to start the auction, will everyone please take your seats.
'As you know the Baron was a little eccentric and was a gifted barber in his free time. That being said, he gave some instructions in his will on how this auction will be run. Be calm and understanding and we will get this auction over with as soon as possible."

A primitive bubble bottle was brought onto the stage and placed on the table. Inside the bottle was a dark black drink.

"First we have the Baron's hair tonic. There is only this one bottle available. Who will start the bidding?"

The crowd was silent, they did not want to waste their money on a hair tonic. The crowd called out, "No one wants that, let's move onto calling out for other items."

"I am sorry, we cannot move on until this tonic is sold."

A bald beggar in the back called out, "I will give you a soda can for it."

The crowd yelled, "Give it to him for the can."

"As you wish, the tonic is sold for a soda can." The auctioneer waited for a second to see if there was any objections. When there were no objections he continued, "Well that ends the auction today. The glamour of the estate goes to the purchaser of the first item of the auction."

Everyone's bubble of hope was popped.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: gifted, barber, calling, pavement, baron, bubble, auction, primitive, drink, glamour

Friday, March 4, 2016

3-4-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #accomplice #help #fashionable #hipbone #blinding #carver #hibernation #burial #melody #bullwhip )

Daily random word challenge

She was just like any other strong and confident woman. She had a killer job and a sweet family. She knew how to use a bullwhip to carve into stone. She would send the whip at a blinding speed as she carved. When she was having a hard time, carving would help her get over the troubles of the day. She liked to wear the bullwhip on her hipbone like a fashionable belt when she was not being a carver.

After a really hard day she had finally finished the largest sculpture of her life. That is when everything went wrong. Her accomplice in life died in a horrible car crash the very next day. The death of her sweet heart killed her inside. It sent her internal carver melody into forever hibernation before his burial.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: accomplice, help, fashionable, hipbone, blinding, carver, hibernation, burial, melody, bullwhip

Thursday, March 3, 2016

3-3-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #mongrel #bold #mutagen #demolishment #inner #chill #mirror #hopper #conspiracy #bonus )

Daily random word challenge

It was the morning of the governmental grain hopper demolishment project. We had been preparing for this project for weeks. As I arrived on site the paint job on the hopper caught the mirror of my eye again.


I always thought it was strange that it had painted on it "Mutagen." It was probably some bold high school prank from years gone by.

I parked my truck and started my safety check for the project. First step was to make sure there was nothing left in the hopper. I stuck my head in the manhole and viewed the inner portions of the hopper. Everything was checking out until I saw it. It was a mongrel trapped in the lower corner of the hopper. I had my crew remove the dog and began my check again. With a chill down my back I found a bonus mongrel that was the mirror image of the first one. We went through this cycle a dozen times until the crew had one phrase on their mind.

Government Conspiracy 

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: mongrel, bold, mutagen, demolishment, inner, chill, mirror, hopper, conspiracy, bonus

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3-2-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #iguana #distinct #bacteria #glossy #evacuation #robber #granularity #annual #bitter #regional )

Daily random word challenge

It was time for the annual regional iguana games. Reggie was ready for his event and he was hoping that he would win this year. He had competed in the bitter bacteria eating contest every year. Every year he came in second place to Burney. Reggie looked over at Burney and could see the glossy look he always had before the event. Reggie wondered how Burney could consume the distinct granularity of the food and if his glossy look was part of his ability to get over the texture. Reggie was used to his bitter bacteria to be smooth, but the competition always had granular food.

As Reggie was about to take his first bite of the bitter bacteria, he noticed that the event center was being evacuated. What was causing this evacuation?

One word was ringing through the air, "Robber!"

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: iguana, distinct, bacteria, glossy, evacuation, robber, granularity, annual, bitter, regional

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3-1-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #waveform #mistaken #wish #cast #glow #beginning #bliss #enlighten #assault #collision )

Daily random word challenge

The sun was slowly coming over the mountain range. It was beginning to enlighten the world to the new day. With this new light of day, the trees were casting shadows across the roadway. As the shadows began to reduce and the sun’s glowing light filled the world around us, an assault on a tree was revealed. This collision with a car was proof that the wishes of wedded bliss can end quickly with a small mistake. The groom had the wheel in one hand and his cell phone in his other hand. Could this phone be the cause of the end of this disastrous end? On the phone could be found one word that caused the man to mistaken a tree for the road. This one word was “waveform.”

© 2016 Brady L.B.
Random words: waveform, mistaken, wish, cast, glow, beginning, bliss, enlighten, assault, collision