Thursday, March 17, 2016

3-11-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #favor #fatality #daring #guilty #potential #aim #liberating #room #graffiti #rattle #random #word )
Daily random word challenge

It was the morning of the final fatality that Jim would add to his resume. Jim had favored to perform this act in a graffiti filled room of an abandoned hotel, because he had lost his daring nature. During recent jobs his nerves were rattled at what he was asked to accomplish. His aim today was to perform the deed in a place that did not have the potential of others finding him guilty on his last job. Jim's main thoughts were on how it would be very liberating to put all this all danger behind.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: favor, fatality, daring, guilty, potential, aim, liberating, room, graffiti, rattle

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