Thursday, June 30, 2016

6-30-2016 Random Word Challenge

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Random Word Challenge

At times it can be fun to see what you can do with a random set of words. So every now and then I will get a few random words and see what I can do with them.

I challenge you to try to make up a little story (100 - 400 words) with the following random words. You can look at what I came up with before you start, but I would encourage you to try your own little story before looking at mine.

Random Words: hippo, rattle, serum, contagious, vulture, periodic

My attempt at these words:

The Hippos Love 

The silence of the morning was breaking as the rattle of young animals joined in a chorus of the day. Many acting as if they had taken the Serum of Love moments ago. One particular hippo was drunk on the Serum of Love. His motions and actions were without propriety. The female hippos were giving him a wide berth so they would not get caught in his keen net. One poor young hippo did not pay the needed awareness until it was too late.

The essence of the serum resonated from his essence and being absorbed by this young cow. She was swept away by his masculinity and joyful being. They wondered off, away from the crowds, to spend some time together. They showed there love by movements so grand that the ground rattled underneath them.

A passing vulture took notice of this scene. He found the actions of these young animals to be hilarious. To mock this ridiculousness he decided to sing a small tune.

"Once is love and love is here among the hippo children. Once they die I will cry at how full my belly is with them, " the vulture sang in a joyful periodic contagious tune. It was so contagious that others in the area continued to sing the first sentence in the song well into the following night.

© 2016 Brady L.B.
Random Words: hippo, rattle, serum, contagious, vulture, periodic

Monday, June 20, 2016

LLC QuickStart Guide Review

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LLC QuickStart Guide Review
by ClydeBank Business
ISBN-13: 978-0996366762

First off I would like to say, I would rename this book to "To start a LLC - Get a lawyer"

This book has a lot of good information in one place and provides places to find out more information about some of the topics covered. The chapters that I found most useful were chapters 1 through 4. I personally think that it should be a little more in depth to be considered a quick start guide.

The biggest complaint that I have for this how often it tells you to get a lawyer. It starts out with a section called "Do I Need a Lawyer?" It does not end there, it continues to tell you to get a lawyer throughout the book.

actual size of the book (59 pages):
Chapter 1 starts on page 9
Chapter 8 (last chapter) ends on page 67

Chapter titles:
Chapter 1: LLC Basics (8 pages)
Chapter 2: Is an LLC Right for You? (11 pages)
Chapter 3: Articles of Organization (8 pages)
Chapter 4: The LCC Operating Agreement (13 pages)
Chapter 5: Understanding Your Tax Options (6 pages)
Chapter 6: Choosing the Right State (2 pages)
Chapter 7: How to Convert into an LCC (4 pages)
Chapter 8: Knowing When Not to Form an LCC (5 pages)

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6-15-2016 Random Word Challenge

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Random Word Challenge

"I promise!" The crowds yell could be heard for miles around.

Every day all are required to gather in front of the towns Promise Screen and participate in the promise ceremony. It starts out with a reading of the oath that all must agree with. It is followed by the "I promise" yell and a review of recent punishments carried out for those who were condemned for not following the oath. These promises happen to remind the people of the New World Democratic Order (NWDO) rules and to condemn any who would think to disobey.

In today's list of oath breakers was a young man, named Thomas, who had a hidden copy of the Christian bible. In the promise, all agree to destroy all religious texted that existed before the NWDO was organized. The claim is that all religions are based on bigotry and to have a copy of a religious text proves that you are holding onto bigotry tendencies. What the founders failed to realize is the NWDO was founded on bigotry against religious people. Thomas was found, tried, and condemned within the hour of his neighbor finding the bible. For Thomas's religious belief he was sentenced to be liquefied by acid. This liquid remains will be on display at the hall of justice for all be reminded of what happens when you believe differently than the NWDO.

© 2016 Brady L.B.
Random Words: bible, liquid, promise, democratic, disobey, condemn

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grumpy Old Wizards book review

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Grumpy Old Wizards (Grumpy Old Wizards Series) (Volume 1)
byJohn O'Riley

Has potential.

Grumpy Old Wizards has many good parts. I Think that the characters of the book were sufficiently developed. In my opinion, Morgan and Riley were the grumpy characters of the story. Josephine, Helen, and Alice acted more like spoiled children. That being said other people may see Josephine, Helen, and Alice as grumpy vs. spoiled children.

The story has a good structure. I liked the mystery that the book develops, but it ends abruptly and should have more ending development. The back story gets developed throughout the book, but it needs a little more on why the back story is important.

Some problems with the story

1. If Josephine is to be the heroine of the book, I think that she should take a more major role in defeating the villain. In my opinion, it looks like Josephine is the main character, but Gary and/or Morgan are the heroes.

2. It has grammar problems.

3. I think that the climax of the story should be expanded. I think there is a lot of story (300+ page) to lead up to a 5-10 page battle.

4. I think that the Epilogue is not really an Epilogue, but more of the next chapter of the book. I think it should be expanded.

5. The two cloaked wizards that occasionally assault Josephine seem to me to be a side story. I would suggest either eliminate them from the story or expounding on why they are important.

I received this book for free in-exchange for a fair and honest review.