Thursday, June 30, 2016

6-30-2016 Random Word Challenge

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Random Word Challenge

At times it can be fun to see what you can do with a random set of words. So every now and then I will get a few random words and see what I can do with them.

I challenge you to try to make up a little story (100 - 400 words) with the following random words. You can look at what I came up with before you start, but I would encourage you to try your own little story before looking at mine.

Random Words: hippo, rattle, serum, contagious, vulture, periodic

My attempt at these words:

The Hippos Love 

The silence of the morning was breaking as the rattle of young animals joined in a chorus of the day. Many acting as if they had taken the Serum of Love moments ago. One particular hippo was drunk on the Serum of Love. His motions and actions were without propriety. The female hippos were giving him a wide berth so they would not get caught in his keen net. One poor young hippo did not pay the needed awareness until it was too late.

The essence of the serum resonated from his essence and being absorbed by this young cow. She was swept away by his masculinity and joyful being. They wondered off, away from the crowds, to spend some time together. They showed there love by movements so grand that the ground rattled underneath them.

A passing vulture took notice of this scene. He found the actions of these young animals to be hilarious. To mock this ridiculousness he decided to sing a small tune.

"Once is love and love is here among the hippo children. Once they die I will cry at how full my belly is with them, " the vulture sang in a joyful periodic contagious tune. It was so contagious that others in the area continued to sing the first sentence in the song well into the following night.

© 2016 Brady L.B.
Random Words: hippo, rattle, serum, contagious, vulture, periodic

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