Wednesday, June 15, 2016

6-15-2016 Random Word Challenge

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Random Word Challenge

"I promise!" The crowds yell could be heard for miles around.

Every day all are required to gather in front of the towns Promise Screen and participate in the promise ceremony. It starts out with a reading of the oath that all must agree with. It is followed by the "I promise" yell and a review of recent punishments carried out for those who were condemned for not following the oath. These promises happen to remind the people of the New World Democratic Order (NWDO) rules and to condemn any who would think to disobey.

In today's list of oath breakers was a young man, named Thomas, who had a hidden copy of the Christian bible. In the promise, all agree to destroy all religious texted that existed before the NWDO was organized. The claim is that all religions are based on bigotry and to have a copy of a religious text proves that you are holding onto bigotry tendencies. What the founders failed to realize is the NWDO was founded on bigotry against religious people. Thomas was found, tried, and condemned within the hour of his neighbor finding the bible. For Thomas's religious belief he was sentenced to be liquefied by acid. This liquid remains will be on display at the hall of justice for all be reminded of what happens when you believe differently than the NWDO.

© 2016 Brady L.B.
Random Words: bible, liquid, promise, democratic, disobey, condemn

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