Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grumpy Old Wizards book review

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Grumpy Old Wizards (Grumpy Old Wizards Series) (Volume 1)
byJohn O'Riley

Has potential.

Grumpy Old Wizards has many good parts. I Think that the characters of the book were sufficiently developed. In my opinion, Morgan and Riley were the grumpy characters of the story. Josephine, Helen, and Alice acted more like spoiled children. That being said other people may see Josephine, Helen, and Alice as grumpy vs. spoiled children.

The story has a good structure. I liked the mystery that the book develops, but it ends abruptly and should have more ending development. The back story gets developed throughout the book, but it needs a little more on why the back story is important.

Some problems with the story

1. If Josephine is to be the heroine of the book, I think that she should take a more major role in defeating the villain. In my opinion, it looks like Josephine is the main character, but Gary and/or Morgan are the heroes.

2. It has grammar problems.

3. I think that the climax of the story should be expanded. I think there is a lot of story (300+ page) to lead up to a 5-10 page battle.

4. I think that the Epilogue is not really an Epilogue, but more of the next chapter of the book. I think it should be expanded.

5. The two cloaked wizards that occasionally assault Josephine seem to me to be a side story. I would suggest either eliminate them from the story or expounding on why they are important.

I received this book for free in-exchange for a fair and honest review.


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