Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3-1-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #waveform #mistaken #wish #cast #glow #beginning #bliss #enlighten #assault #collision )

Daily random word challenge

The sun was slowly coming over the mountain range. It was beginning to enlighten the world to the new day. With this new light of day, the trees were casting shadows across the roadway. As the shadows began to reduce and the sun’s glowing light filled the world around us, an assault on a tree was revealed. This collision with a car was proof that the wishes of wedded bliss can end quickly with a small mistake. The groom had the wheel in one hand and his cell phone in his other hand. Could this phone be the cause of the end of this disastrous end? On the phone could be found one word that caused the man to mistaken a tree for the road. This one word was “waveform.”

© 2016 Brady L.B.
Random words: waveform, mistaken, wish, cast, glow, beginning, bliss, enlighten, assault, collision

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