Wednesday, March 9, 2016



What is my greatest Fear?

We would have to dive into the deep corners of my mind to find the place that I lock. It's the place I do not want to wander and try to avoid; down to the deepest chasms of terror and pain. In this place of horror we will find the things that I fear the most. In this journey we may not find the thing that I fear the most, but we will find things that cause impediment to functions of humanity.

We go down the long corridor of apprehension with doors of dread on each side. We decide to turn and look into a door that is old and causes fear by itself. We slowly turn the cell's lock to access the dismay that awaits us on the other side. The metal explodes around us as the magnitude of the devil awaiting on the other side is able to escape due to our actions. Our empty vessels begin to fill with the dread that is so vast. We begin to see the images of the world around us and the many complexities that it has.

Our minds try to comprehend all that we are seeing and then more images flow into our vacant container. The complexities of the galaxy begins to overflow our vessel, the anxiety of loneliness. But the images don't stop there, they continue to flow onto the ground around us beginning to fill the space around us. The air around us evacuates leaving us in the liquid of despair until we are unable to breath.

The only chance that we have is to close the door that no longer exists. We struggle to stay alive to no avail and we shut down.

After an unknown time we wake up to find the door has closed. All we feel is the cold, wet stone floor and curl up into the fetal position to stay warm.

©2016 Brady L.B.

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