Monday, March 7, 2016

3-7-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #gifted #barber #calling #pavement #baron #bubble #auction #primitive #drink #glamour )

Daily random word challenge

The whole town was gathering for the estate auction of the recently departed Baron. The auction was being held on the front pavement of the estate. A stage was set up with a single table next to the podium. In front of the stage were chairs set up for those who wanted to attend the auction. The people restlessly waited to see the stuff that the Baron had gathered in his life and perhaps walk home with some of the heritage that was contained on his estate.

The auctioneer walked up onto the stage and tried to calm the crowd.

"Attention! Attention! It is time to start the auction, will everyone please take your seats.
'As you know the Baron was a little eccentric and was a gifted barber in his free time. That being said, he gave some instructions in his will on how this auction will be run. Be calm and understanding and we will get this auction over with as soon as possible."

A primitive bubble bottle was brought onto the stage and placed on the table. Inside the bottle was a dark black drink.

"First we have the Baron's hair tonic. There is only this one bottle available. Who will start the bidding?"

The crowd was silent, they did not want to waste their money on a hair tonic. The crowd called out, "No one wants that, let's move onto calling out for other items."

"I am sorry, we cannot move on until this tonic is sold."

A bald beggar in the back called out, "I will give you a soda can for it."

The crowd yelled, "Give it to him for the can."

"As you wish, the tonic is sold for a soda can." The auctioneer waited for a second to see if there was any objections. When there were no objections he continued, "Well that ends the auction today. The glamour of the estate goes to the purchaser of the first item of the auction."

Everyone's bubble of hope was popped.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: gifted, barber, calling, pavement, baron, bubble, auction, primitive, drink, glamour

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