Wednesday, March 2, 2016

3-2-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #iguana #distinct #bacteria #glossy #evacuation #robber #granularity #annual #bitter #regional )

Daily random word challenge

It was time for the annual regional iguana games. Reggie was ready for his event and he was hoping that he would win this year. He had competed in the bitter bacteria eating contest every year. Every year he came in second place to Burney. Reggie looked over at Burney and could see the glossy look he always had before the event. Reggie wondered how Burney could consume the distinct granularity of the food and if his glossy look was part of his ability to get over the texture. Reggie was used to his bitter bacteria to be smooth, but the competition always had granular food.

As Reggie was about to take his first bite of the bitter bacteria, he noticed that the event center was being evacuated. What was causing this evacuation?

One word was ringing through the air, "Robber!"

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: iguana, distinct, bacteria, glossy, evacuation, robber, granularity, annual, bitter, regional

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