Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3-9-2016 Random Word Challenge

( #human #voice #grain #dishonest #zebra #divinity #dumb #finishing #bloodstain #bitter #random #word )

Daily random word challenge

Kall the zebra was minding his own business, while he was eating his bitter grains. He was interrupted by a human voice sending out dishonest saying about all zebras. He was acting as if he had divinity over all zebras. The human pointed to the bloodstain on Kall’s leg and finishing with how dumb Kall was for getting hurt. The main part that he had left out is that the injury was caused by this very human while being chased around with a teaser. Kall was glad when his jailer had finally left his sight.

© 2016 Brady L.B.

Random words: human, voice, grain, dishonest, zebra, divinity, dumb, finishing, bloodstain, bitter

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