Friday, September 12, 2014


Have you ever wondered
Why life is passing you by
You have been doing everything right, without blunder
But just cannot get ahead, sigh.

You have been following the rules
As set by your boss.
While everyone else is in the raise pool.
While you grow moss.

Your friends and family are gaining ground
In the world around you
While you hardly make a sound.
It make you want to sue

Then you realize what you have done
Why you are left in the dust
This simple rule you follow when all else is done.
This you must

If at first you don't succeed
Don't follow the instructions.

I have never thought of this before
Is this why I am left in the dust
Have I been following those sore
Leaders that build crust.

Have they been keeping me down
Have I allowed them to much room
That I almost drown
To allow them to stand on my shoulders

This cannot be
This is not so
That all that I have learned about me
Is the undoing that I must do.

How can this be
That I must see
Before I count to three
I will start to build my future tree.

The tree of success.
The tree that the liberals are afraid to see
Because it shows that they are undressed
For they are the king with no clothing to see

They have taught us so little
About the world around
In hopes that they could belittle
As they abound

To this struggle I must end
The pain they caused
That I will see in the end
So they can feel this emblem embossed

Now I must say adieu
For if I stay they ensue

©2014 Brady L.B.

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