Friday, January 30, 2015

Large government

Oh how I wonder
How such a sight could be
As I waste in plunder
In such no one wants to see

I look high above me
To the trees above
I do not see a bee
but a bird doth hove

Come to be one so free
I would like to care for less than thee
But alas I toil so
For things that don't matter or go.

These great creatures called men
Do so many great thing
But with all our knowledge we cannot reach zen
As great a being
as Men

We tell ourselves that is important.
These pointless feats of paperwork
They avail us nothing as strong as an ant
But we continue wasting paper in our work

The truth is this waste is cause by those who want power
The power to control people
It may be causing me to become sour
For we are stuck in the Government of unjust people.

Free us now
We should not bow
We should sow seeds
Of work and deeds

©2015 Brady L.B.

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