Thursday, January 30, 2014


Have you ever watch those advertisement that are trying to get you to buy gold.

They say that it is a hedge against inflation.  It is a sure thing.  It will protect you when the markets crash.

What if the markets did crash?  Would gold be worth anything?  Some would say yes and some would say no. 

Think of a world were the markets did crash and gold is worth nothing.  How would you survive?  Where would you get your food and water?  How would you cook your food?  Would it be safe for you to go outside?  How would you stay warm at night?  How would you protect your family when someone is trying to hurt them?

Is there something that would retain its value or go up in any situation?  I would say there are a few things.  When everything has lost its value, what do you still need to survive?  Food?  Water?  A place to stay warm?

What I would suggest to prepare for times of uncertainty is food storage.  It does not have to be something grand.  It just needs to be something that can be used to keep you alive.  It should be something that you can rotate in and out of your regular meal so that it stays fresh and you are willing to eat it now and in times of need.  If you are not rotating in and out your food storage into your regular meal, you may not be able to eat what you have saved when the time comes.

One line of questions I do have is, would people like reading a book about a time when the world has fallen apart and everyone is fending for themselves?  Where everyone is fighting each other to stay alive.

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