Thursday, April 3, 2014

Little Penguin (14-3)

Traveling to the east was slow going.  The paths were rocky and terrain changed in elevation often.  While Tim traveled he thought about his family that he was giving up.  The rocks that were forming in his stomach where harder to traverse then the rock that battered his feet.  Several days later, Tim was almost out of supplies and wanted to turn around to correct his mistake of not going after his family.  He knew that he could not make the journey back with the supplies that he had left.  The only hope he had is to continue forward until he could find more supplies.

That night he could see a glimmer of light coming from something several miles in front of him.  The thoughts of a town being in front of him raced through his mind and excited him.  He was too tired to continue that night, so he set up camp and sleep.

The next morning Tim got up early and started in the direction of the light that he saw the night before.  Those few mile towards the light did not seam to be as bad as the ones he had traveled the night before, even though the rocks were not any smaller.

A sinking feeling swept through Tim, as he saw a large fence crawl over the last hill that stood between the light and his journey.  The light was given off by a concentration camp.  Tim hid himself as he overlooked the camp.

The camp was in a valley with only one good exit to the north west.  There was a tall fence the surround a group of poorly constructed huts.  The fence had only one entrance that faced the valley entrance.  Tim could see a variety of animals inside the fence.

*To Be Continued(3)*

©2014 Brady L.B.

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