Friday, April 18, 2014

Little Penguin (15-3)

Tim continued to watch the concentration camp.  He got his first glimpse of the Citizen Eaters and they were as horrible as their description.  Tim noticed that they followed a certain pattern as they patrolled the area.  They left large gaps in their search and they left the back of the complex mostly unguarded.  Over the years the Citizen Eaters must have gotten tiered of patrolling areas that they thought were never going to have someone there.

Tim decided that he would get closer to the back of the compound that night.  He looked through his supplies to see if anything would help him in his mission.  In the bottom of his back he found some bolt cutters.  He figured that he could use the bolt cutter to get through the back fence and get the prisoners out during the cover of night.

He spent the rest of the day resting so that he would have the energy to sneak around that night.  That night the moon was a haunting red.  Tim used the moon light and the light coming from the encampment to reach the south east side of the compound.  As he got closer he noticed that the fence was larger than he thought and that he was glad that he was not planning to climb over the fence.  He started his work on the fence in a darker area of the compound.  The fence was slightly deteriorated and was easier to cut than if they had kept up the fence.

After getting through the fence, he went to the first hut and slowly opened the door.  The hut was empty outside the blood soaked beds.  Tim mumbled in disgust, "It looks like they eat a hut full at one time."

He went to the next hut in hopes to find a living animal.  To his luck inside was a few penguins from his flock.  Finding them filled him with joy and despair.  They were asleep but their bodies looked as if they had been beaten for years.  He did not know if they would be able to have the strength to escape their prison.  The only way he would know for sure is to wake them up.

He went up to the first one male penguin and gave his a little shove.  The male penguin did not budge.  Tim decided to try a little harder to wake him.  The male penguin woke up with a start and a yell.

*To Be Continued(3)*

©2014 Brady L.B.

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