Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Adventures of an Average Life

©2014 Brady L.B.

Every day we get up in the morning to live our lives.  We all go to work, pay our bills, eat the same food, and so forth.  Our days come and go without real excitement and change to the world.  What if we changed all that?  What would happen if we changed everyday tasks into adventures?  Would we be happier?  We life seem more sweet?  Would we be less envious of other peoples Facebook lives?  Would we be able to get more done in a single day or even in the hour?  Would we be able to live our dreams instead fulfilling another's dream?  We should find out.  We should explore the possibility.  We should find our dreams and live.


Average Life

I am Average.  I get up every morning before the sun get up, to go to my office job in town.  I have done nothing interesting most of my life.  You may ask how can I stand do these things day in and day out.  I am going to tell you how I am able to get through the day.  How I am able to know that I have done good in this world.  You may want to stop reading, but I would ask you not to.  You may not find what you are looking for until you have traveled the whole path.


The alarm sirens were blaring, telling all that the war of the day had started.  The warrior stirs in his cloud of comfort.  At last the sirens are able to arouse the warrior to the call of duty.  The warier stumbles to the preparation room to perform the rituals that are called for in times of war.  On his way to the preparation room, the warrior silences the alarm sirens.

Once the preparation rituals are completed, the warrior turns off the only lamp he had on.  He does this to test his agility, skill, and to not wake awaiting guards.  He then begins the path is littered with obstacles to the nourishment center of the camp.  Every day the obstacles are moved, new ones are added, and old ones may be removed.  The goal is to maneuver through the obstacles, without waking the sleeping guard.  The warrior manages to miss most of the obstacles, but a few new ones caused the warrior to bruise his toes.  Even with these few mistakes the warrior is able to accomplish the task.

Once in the nourishment center the warrior turns on one lamp.  He begins to start his search in the refrigeration unit and dry storage containers for food that will fill his belly.  After a few moments the warrior makes is decision and begins to fill his belly for the mornings journey.  Once his belly is full he begins to fill his travel pack with rations that he will use in the day's journey.

Now that his belly if full and his travel pack is weighed down with what is needed for the day, he begins his search for his foot protection.  Without his foot protection the enemy will be able to cause damage to him and potential cause his day journey to for not.  At last he is able to locate the foot protection several feet from where he left them in the nourishment center.

To be Continued
©2014 Brady L.B.

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