Thursday, November 6, 2014

Far Far Away

Here we sit thinking
About the great world around us
It passes by as we continue blinking
Wondering why everyone has to fuss
How small we really are
When compared to those afar
How can we continue on
Underneath the sun

Why are we here
Instead of there
When all thing can go wrong
Why don't we sing a sad song
About the insignificance of our lives
That could end by knives
Without the love of our wives
In these dives

Why does anything exist
If nothing once existed
What enjoy the great dark bliss
What caused the bleak void to be resisted
The loneliness of nothing
Was replaced with massive things
What caused the chaos to become order
The great worlds to gain border

What caused the great nothing to gain lives
The type of life to think of what can be
And what could be with wives
As far as we can see
Here we sit thinking
As it passes us by as we are blinking.

©2014 Brady L.B.

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