Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Adult Swimming Goggles Review and Contest

The goggles are tinted to help with bright lights and glare. At first I thought that the tint would prevent use in low light areas, but I was able to see with them on in low light areas.

My kids think it is really cool that they cannot see my eyes through the lenses. The tint (reflective surface) is designed to allow sight from low light to higher light.  You can see in the video that the side with my hand can not be seen through, but the side without my hand you can see the ground.

The band is comfortable and thin. They are easily adjusted with a push button clip on both sides and then you can slide the strap through the holes and then release the button to lock it in place.

They came in a nice protective case that is easily opened and closed.

I received this product for free in-exchange for an fair and honest review.
Amazon link black tinted goggles
Amazon link blue non-tinted goggles

Contest rules:
-One winner for the contest
-The winner's prize will be fulfilled by "DAODAO Company"
-"DAODAO Company" will provide a 100% off code to purchase them on amazon.com. (blue non-tinted goggles)
-Contest ends on June 16th, 2015.
-The contest winner will be chosen at random from the applicants and will be contacted for further information.
-Only applicants from the USA will be accepted.
-Applicant must include which state you are from.
-Applicant must g+1 this post.
-Applicant must include a comment to this post about how they would use a new pair of goggles if they won.


  1. I think these look pretty cool! We could use at the lake while we swim. Maybe Jake would even wear them! -Minnesota

  2. Congrats to Kiri Phillips for winning the swimming goggles.