Thursday, June 18, 2015

GateKeeper's Trilogy Review

The Gatekeeper's Trilogy is a great fun set of books to read.  It is about a girl (Therese) who looses her parent and finds love in the world of the gods.  Therese find her life full of mystery, love, and danger after her parents are murdered.

The Trilogy is not the end of her story, so if you really like these book you can continue the story with the other books.

This is a good set of books that dive into the mythology of the Greek gods and how they would interact with modern day.  If you are analytical you need to forget about it and just read the book for fun, because the trilogy is full of small problems with logistics.  For example, it talks about a hard day for the god of death being a few dozen people when the average day has over 100,000 people die per day (over 1 death per second).

All in all this is a fun set of books to read.

I received this book for free in-exchange for a fair review.

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