Saturday, July 9, 2016

Chief Bananas (7-9-2016 RWC)

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Chief Bananas 

"Don't let some heart beat leave you bitter, Chief Bananas. You should get up and dance with Root." said Sitting Spirit.

Chief Bananas decided that he would not listen to Sitting Spirit. He preferred to sit there glumly as he held a compact bundle of banana leaves. He had gotten the bundle from Free Leaves. Free Leaves was the love of his life, but she decided to run off with Chief Apples. Others claimed that Free Leaves liked how Chief Apples was more firm than Chief Bananas.

Chief Bananas did not know how he was going to get over his heart break. Sitting Spirit was trying hard to cheer him up by setting him up with other partners like Root, Stem, and Flower. They were all pretty enough, but Chief Bananas would always focus on how they were not like Free Leaves. For example Root seemed to be way below him compared to Free Leaves. He did not like how far down he had to look to see her.

©2016 Brady L.B.

Random Words: glumly, compact, root, spirit, chief, bananas

Random Word Challenge

At times it can be fun to see what you can do with a random set of words. So every now and then I will get a few random words and see what I can do with them.

I challenge you to try to make up a little story (100 - 400 words) with the following random words. You can look at what I came up with before you start, but I would encourage you to try your own little story before looking at mine.

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