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Honest Apprentice (7-30-2016 RWC)

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Honest Apprentice 

As the master sculptor approached, the apprentice felt the tension in the room like a taut wire. The master yelled at the apprentice, "How could you have been so careless?"

 "You asked me to try something bold and new, so that is what I did," answered the apprentice.

"I meant for you to experiment on your own sculpture, not on mine!" said the master. "You took one of the greatest heroes of scripture and put a crown of daisies on his head."

"I thought it was an improvement."

"How is David as a young man going to meet Goliath improved by flowers in his hair?"

"A lot seeing as how he is wearing nothing else."

"David would not have gone to meet Goliath with daisies in his hair!"

"Maybe not, but you depicting him as nude, is not much better," retorted the apprentice.

"Of course, it is. I'm showing him in all his glory. The Scriptures even say how David did not wear the armor offered him because it did not fit."

"Master, are you trying to imply that David took off the ill-fitting armor and then all his clothes too? I do not see him stripping off his clothes to slay Goliath. Your sculpture seems to depict him being presented to Goliath as a beautiful young virgin sacrifice. So a crown of daises is appropriate. Or have you confused him with the naked Bathsheba David spied on his roof?"

"I have not confused anything! It is perfectly reasonable for a young warrior to engage in mortal combat undressed, as an intimidation tactic."

"I cede the point master."

"Never mind. This discussion is moot because you are no longer my apprentice. Take your things and never return!"

As the former apprentice left many thoughts cluttered his mind. He thought, "It is best if my next master appreciates my honesty and has a less abrasive personality. And lastly how tragic it must have been for Goliath to be killed by someone smaller than him let alone someone naked."

This one has been donated by Annegu N.B.

©2016 Annegu N.B. Random

Words: wire, tragic, chisel, careless, abrasive, honesty

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