Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pencil Clock (7-23-2016 RWC)

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Pencil Clock 

"Down by the lake. Down by the lake. Down by the lake. We will go. If the horses wake and we ride. We will see the morning bride. Singing of the day and the beauty of the sky," Jason sang as he drove on a narrow dirt road. He was hoping this trip would re-kindle the love Jillian had for him. Lately, she had become very distrustful of Jason. Jason had done nothing to deserve the distrust of Jillian, but every day she was becoming more and more difficult to live with.

Jillian was trying to sleep in the passenger seat. She was getting tired of Jason singing about their trip to the lake. She knew that Jason wanted to do this trip to revive their marriage. She had no intent of letting that happen. She wanted to end the marriage, but she wanted everyone to think that the marriage was ending because of Jason.

As they pulled up to the cabin Jillian was filled with relief that she could finally leave the car and Jason's singing. She got out of the car and left all the luggage for Jason to carry in. She rushed into the cabin, so she could have some time alone. As the door swung open she saw a clock with pencil hands on the wall. Jillian gasped in horror as images of her lover's office washed over her.

©2016 Brady L.B.

Random Words: lake, horses, clock, distrustful, pencil, rose

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