Monday, March 10, 2014

Silent Love

Sitting so still,
I am trying not to be a pill.
I hope to see the gaze
From the one I want praise.

If only I can catch their glance
I might have a chance
To find that happiness
Instead of sadness.

I just need to be silent,
To make a dent
In their ever caring stare
Without it I can't bear.

Why will they not look
I am just a open book.
Do they not care
How I fair.

This is not fair
for them not to care.
I just need them now
So I don't feel like a cow.

I am just an animal to them
From it I shall stem.
If to them that is all that I am
Can't I be their lamb.

I would come up
So I could be like a pup.
They could touch me soft
So I would not be so aloft.

I just want them to care
So it can be fair.
Why don't they look
I am an open book.

©2014 Brady L.B.

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