Saturday, March 1, 2014

Little Penguin (10-1)

"I really want to find them, but I really need to think about what you have said before making up my mind," replied Tim.

"Thinking about it would be a great idea," Rupert said. "Until you decide let us eat and get some sleep."

The cooked fish was delicious and was welcoming to Tim's stomach. After Tim was done eating the fish, Rupert showed him to a room to sleep in. The room had two kid size beds. The room was quite messy and looked like a few kids still lived in the room. The walls were covered with pictures of mystical creatures that filled the fairy tales that his parents told him.  When Tim got into one of the beds, he felt that he was falling into the hands of death.  He felt uneasy all over and did not know how to change that feeling.

After Rupert had left the room, Tim began to ponder on what he was told. Could this be the room of Rupert's two youngest children? Why had Rupert not cleaned up the room after they were taken away? Rupert must have loved his family so much. He must have had his heart broken when they were taken away. He was so heart broken that he could not get himself to clean up this place. Maybe he is still hoping that they will be able to come home in the future. The Citizen Eaters must really be frightening for Rupert to not want to follow after his family.

Tim said aloud, "The Citizen Eaters must be horrible beasts, I would hate to meet one.  I love my family so much, but I don't know if I can go get them.  I would not be able to save them.  I would only be able to get caught and then die like the rest of them.  They have already won, why should I try?"

With this new found determination, Tim went to sleep and dreamed of his family and flock. The night was filled with dreams of the happy times that he spent with his family, such as his birthday parties and when his father helped him with projects.  It was also filled with nightmares of his family being eaten alive.

*To Be Continued(1)*

©2014 Brady L.B.

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