Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Penguin (9)


Rupert came back into the room with cubed fish and glasses of water.  He placed a plate of fish and a glass of water next to the seat that Tim was in.  Rupert sat down and ate some fish before starting into his story.

"Well lets see.  Where was I?" said Rupert.  "At first the creatures ate food that was provided by the government.  Later, the government could no longer afford to feed the creatures so they were given permission to eat a portion of the citizens that they gathered.  Due to this permission the monsters became known as Citizens Eaters.

"The other day a group of penguins and Citizen Eaters came through town.  Most of us were trying to avoid interaction with the group, in fear that we could join the group on to their final destination.  There was rumor that this group was gathered because they failed to pay their taxes.  The more likely truth would be that they could not pay their taxes."

"Where is their final destination?" asked Tim.

"No one really knows were they really go, but we do know that they head to the west after they reach this town.  One time my neighbor decided to find out where they went after coming to this town.  He was never seen again alive.  One day several weeks after he went missing, his wife received his foot in the mail.  Why would you want to know where they were going?" asked Rupert.

"That was my flock.  I want to go find them," Tim replied.

"I would strongly suggest that you stop your search and go on with your life.  Most likely you will not be able to find them, but if you do find them then you will end up meeting the same end that they face," Rupert warned.  "I will be glad to welcome you into my home and we will be able to help each other through this terrible times.

"If you decide that you must go forward then I will help you in preparing, but I will not be able to go with you.  I have had too many friends never return to want to risk ending up dead myself."
Choose what Tim will do next.
Tim chooses to play it safe and stay with Rupert *To Be Continued(1)*
Tim chooses to go after his flock *To Be Continued(2)*
Tim chooses to off by himself find his own way in the world *To Be Continued(3)*

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