Sunday, February 23, 2014

Little Penguin (7)


Tim felt really uncomfortable about what Rupert had told him so far.  What consequences was Rupert talking about?  Was his family missing because of one of the election consequences?  Would he be able to find his flock?

"What do you mean that there were consequences?" asked Tim.

"I will get to that in a little while.  There is still much to tell you before you will understand the consequences," Rupert replied.  "Now where was I?  Oh yes!  After the election, Swav began to push a change to cover more citizens with health insurance.  He claimed that it was a right, not a privilege, to have health insurance.  At last he was able to get it into law that health insurance was a right.  Over the next couple years, the government built the program to cover those who did not have health insurance.

"Once the health insurance program was on line, more citizens lost their preexisting health insurance, than gained insurance under the new program.  In addition to that the amount people had to pay for insurance went up more than double.  This caused many citizens pain and suffering.  The conservatives blamed the new health care law for the problems.  The futurists blamed the health insurance companies for purposefully trying to make the new law look bad.

"Both sides argued over the law, until the next election period.  The conservatives were just waiting for Swav to be removed from power, so they could reverse the laws that he enacted.  Just before the elections, Swav declared martial law and abolished future elections.  He declared himself "Eternal Leader."

"It was not long before another law was passed to go to a single payer's system and the private insurance companies were put out of business.  The good doctors started to drop out of industry, because they could make more money in other industries now that the government restricted what they could charge.

"Seeing that doctors were leaving the market place, Swav enacted an order that indicated that no doctor could leave the industry without the government's permission.  The punishment for leaving the industry was now a death sentence.

"Tim, what consequences have you seen so far from the election of Swav?"

Tim replied, "First, there was the health care law that was enacted that cost so much in resources.  Second, there was the loss of changing leaders after so many years.  Third, there was the loss of an entire industry in the country.  And fourth, it became illegal for doctors to quit, which incentivized others to never become doctors."

"That is very good," Rupert said.  "During this whole time the taxes of our resources continually went up.  This also caused problems with being able to support a family.  Swav eventually started to round up citizens who did not support him or did not pay their taxes.  My family was taken because my wife had strongly opposed Swav and had taught my kids about what he had done wrong."

*To Be Continued*

©2014 Brady L.B.

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