Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Happy 9th Anniversary! We have stayed together through joy and pain. We have arrived at the beginning of our tenth year. For every year I would like to give you something.

1st year (Paper)

For our first year I give you this paper to remember the nine years.

2nd year (Cotton)

For our second year I give you a big hug full of cotton. With all my heart I love you and wish to be with you.

3rd year (Leather)

In the 3rd year you were the sheriff of my love. With all sheriffs there is always a leather jacket to hang your sheriff’s star on.

4th year (Fruit or Flowers)

In the fourth year I provide you with at least 4 low maintenance flowers. They will provide you years of beauty.

5th year (Wood)

With all things, we will want to remember the past. To hold those memories I have provided a wood frame.

6th year (Candy or Iron)

There are many sweet moments in life. I give you these sweets, so we can share sweet times together.

7th year (Wool or Copper)

With the copper in our house I am able to light the view of this knife. Just like copper other metals provide a useful product. This blade is made from the Iron and heat of the past.

8th year (Bronze or Pottery)

Here is some pottery. With this pottery we can enjoy our favorite drinks together throughout the years.

9th year (Pottery or Willow)

As we move forward, we have the chance to combine things together to make something better. With this pottery, I take the flowers of the past and make something that can display our love throughout the day.

I love you dearly and wish us many more years together. Happy 9th Anniversary!

©2014 Brady Burgener

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