Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Penguin (8)


"Word had gotten back to Swav about what my wife was teaching our kids.  He made the decision to take my kids a few days after my wife's capture, to prevent them from picking up where my wife left off,"  Rupert said.

"Why would he take your kids?  What danger did they present to Swav?" asked Tim.

"Ideas, ideas!" replied Rupert.  "That is what Swav is afraid of.  It is ideas that will cause people to rise up against Swav.  That is why he imprisoned all that opposed his ideas and the fear of imprisonment trained the rest.  Rounding up so many citizens would be hard to do with the normal army that the country had, so Swav had prepared a separate army to do his bidding.

"He raised monsters.  They are not like any animal that we have ever known.  Their body was similar to that of the polar bears.  Their six legs looked like large serpent bodies.  Their heads held the shape of lions with tongues of serpents.  These were the creatures that rounded up those who stood against Swav.  These were the creatures that stole my wife and children.  They are the fear that has swept through the nation.

"Would you like something to drink or eat?  I have some cooked fish available."

"Yes please," replied Tim.

Rupert got up and headed to the kitchen to get the food and drink.  While Rupert was gone, Tim thought on his words.  Tim had thought that he did not see other tracks among his flock's tracks, but now he realized that the sweeping of the snow around the tracks could have come from these creatures.  Why would these creatures come after his flock?  Why would these creatures leave him there, when the rest of the flock had been taken?  Had they tried to take him, but left him because he was too asleep or was he left as a warning to others?

*To Be Continued*

©2014 Brady L.B.

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