Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Penguin (6)


After a long bizarre silence, Rupert leaned back in his chair.  Rupert lifted his left paw in the direction of Tim.  Tim looked behind him and saw a family portrait.  The portrait contained Rupert, a mother mouse, and three kid mice.

"Can you see my family portrait, there on the wall?" asked Rupert.

"Yes, so where is your family?" asked Tim.

"They were taken way in the middle of the night," replied Rupert.  "At the moment I am not going to go into why they were taken.  I just wanted you to know that I have had my family taken away also.  What I am going do first is to tell you why things are happening."

"What do you mean that you are going to tell me why things are happening?" asked Tim.

"I will tell you, all in good time.  You need to hear the whole story, so you will know what to do or how to react," said Rupert.  "The story starts several years ago.  Our country was filled with disdain for each other.  One side of the debate talked about how we need to get to our roots.  We called this group the conservatives.  The other side would talk about being progressive and moving into the future.  We called this group the futurists.  Outside of these two groups were people who held ideals that consisted in both groups.

"It came time for our country to choose a new leader.  The conservatives were being lead by a religious member of the penguin group, named Jim.  The futurists were being lead by a rat with no solid religious ties, called Swav.  Swav ran on the stance that change was needed to bring the country together.  Swav was the one that was currently in charge and his previous election campaign was also on change.  One problem is that during his first term in office, there was no positive change made and the arguments were getting worse.

"When the elections came most people thought that we were going to have a new leader in the country.  The count of the elections was coming in and Jim was winning by a landslide.  As the last vote counts were coming in, Jim was not getting any new votes and Swav pulled out front at the last moment.  This quick change, made many wonder if there was some cheating that went on.  What would be the chances that the last thousands of votes would all be Swav?

"With the changes that Swav made in his first term as leader, it was then impossible to do a recount of the votes.  It was finally called that Swav was declared the winner.  He came out and gave his victor's speech.  The most memorable portion of his winning speech was that he said, 'Elections have consequences.'  He did mean consequences, but we all did not know what he meant at that moment.  We found out over the next few years."

*To Be Continued*

©2014 Brady Burgener

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