Friday, February 14, 2014

Little Penguin (4)


Just as Tim's feet hit the ice next to the break in the ice, the ice shuttered from a big mass hitting the ice.  The shuttering caused Tim to lose his balance and he fell to the ice.  A sense of relief washed over Tim.

The killer whale apparently thought he could still get Tim by hitting into the ice.  To Tim's luck the ice was too thick for the killer whale to break through.  Tim scooted away from the hole in the ice several feet before he felt safe to get back on his feet.

Once Tim was on his feet, he shook off the terrified feeling that he had felt being chased by the killer whale.  After the feeling of danger had died down, he remembered that he needed to get back on the trail of his flock.

On the way back to the tracks a strong breeze came across his face.  At last he was back to the tracks.  Fear rushed over Tim again as he realized that the tracks were being washed away by the strong breeze.  He quickly started in the direction of the tracks.  As he followed the track he had to study them harder and harder, until the tracks were finally gone.

After the tracks were gone, Tim continued in the directions the tracks were going.  If he was lucky they would not deviate from the direction that they were going.  As he went he had a sneaking feeling that at some point the tracks would have deviated and he would never find his flock again.

As the sun was going down, Tim could see a small town in front of him.

Tim said aloud, "Maybe they can tell me where my flock has gone."

*To Be Continued*

©2014 Brady Burgener

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