Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Penguin (2)

Tim had been traveling for a while and he was becoming hungry.  He began to look around for a place where he could go into the water and find food to eat.  As he was looking around, he noticed something new in the snow in front of him. 

He decided to wait to eat until after he saw what the object was in the path before him.  As he went along the object got bigger and bigger until he could make out what the item was.  It was a foot with a pool of blood soaked into the snow around it.  Outside the foot and blood there were only the tracks left by the flock that he was following.

The sight of the foot was haunting and caused him to lose his appetite.  Tim continued to go down the path that his flock had taken.  As he went he tried to remove the image of the foot from his mind.  He did this by thinking of his family and the other young penguins that he would play with.  He remembered the games that they would play and the girl that he liked.  Her name was Cindy, but she did not know that he liked her.  He was too afraid to tell her, but he thought she knew his feelings.  Thinking of the other penguins helped to lessen the image of the foot. 

He was beginning to feel hungry again.  Off to the left he saw a break in the ice that he could use to find food.

*To Be Continued*

©2014 Brady Burgener

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