Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Penguin (3)

Tim waddled over to the edge of the ice and looked down into the deep blue liquid.  Thoughts of eating all he could ran through his head.  He gently leaned forward and slid into the water.

A slightly cooling sensation surrounded him as the water engulfed his body.  When his body adjusted to the new environment he began to search for food.  He looked off in all directions and could not see anything to fill his belly.  He swam deeper and deeper in search of food.

He finally came along a school of small animals that he found appetizing.  He raced after them and ate as many as he could.  At last his belly felt full. 

He started his ascent when he saw a shadow above him.  At first he could not tell what it was, but then he realized that it was one of the greatest dangers in the sea, the killer whale.  He did not know if the killer whale had taken notice of him yet, but he did not want to take any chances.  He held still and watched until the killer whale had swum by a little distance, before doing a rapid ascent.  As he reached the water surface, he saw that the killer whale was coming after him.  At the last moment he jumped from the water to safety above the ice.

*To Be Continued*

©2014 Brady Burgener

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