Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unsure Tower

Here I sit,
Not harming one bit.
A fly may go along,
But I will not break into song.

All of a sudden,
Squirrels of large burden
Jump into stacks
And climb onto my back.

Oh how I am now
Like a cow,
A beast of burden
All of a sudden.

Go Daddy Go
I am told so.
Where should I go?
When you weigh so.

They climb higher and higher
As if it is so dire.
This tower is wobbling
As I am crying.

Down please down.
This is not so sound.
I can't hold this so,
Get down before I let go.

Without a further word,
As if pierced by a sword.
The tower crumbled down
With so many frowns.

©2014 Brady L.B.

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