Thursday, August 27, 2015

GoPro Selfie Stick Review

With so many selfie sticks out there you have to wonder which one to buy.  The truth that you have to look at the qualities that you want in the selfie stick and which quality that you want the most.  Some of the main qualities that I look at are: price; sturdiness; versatility; and free add-ons such as tripod stand, phone holder, GoPro attachments, shutter controls, regular camera attachments.

This selfie stick sits on the expensive side, but it is sturdy and has many components that come with it.  The tripod and the selfie stick has the standard screw that is used in the bottom of many regular cameras. 

The tripod attaches to the bottom of the selfie stick with that standard screw.  The tripod is also stiff in its rotation ball, so it will allow a DSLR camera on top of the selfie stick (make sure the selfie stick is as vertical as possible so your camera does not fall).

The phone and gopro attachments can be installed on the end of the selfie stick or on the tripod without the selfie stick.  The phone attachment has to different installation direction (so you can choose which way you want to attach your phone).

It also comes with a blue tooth controller so you can snap your pictures on your phone from a distance without holding the selfie stick.

With all of these components this selfie stick makes up for the price.

I received this product for a reduced price in-exchange for a fair and honest review.


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