Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nice Beginners Art Set Review

Sold by: TCP Global Corp

This is a really nice paint set.  It comes with a nice variety of materials and has what you need as a starter painting kit.  I used this kit to paint "Life in the Green" as seen in the image.

*The easel has many cross bracings to allow for small canvas to be painted on it.
*The easel does not have a lip on the shelf.  I find lips on the easel shelves can cause restrictions in painting the bottom of the canvases.
*The brushes have nice bristles, long handles for distant painting, and natural wood color handles
*Paints are vibrant in color
*The perfect size of draw to store your painting supplies.

Problems I have had with this set:
*The paint draw was too tight, it required some sanding to allow the drawer to move in and out easily
*All the paints have a metallic/heavy metal/iron smell to them.  This will cause me head pain when compared to other brands of acrylic paints that do not have this smell.
*The canvas panels came curved.  This could be due to that they are not as thick as other canvas panels that I have used.  The thickness of the canvas boards measure at 4/32 inch based on my calipers.

In the picture you will see the set with 9"x12" canvas panels on the easel.

This kit comes with: table box easel with drawer, 3 canvas panels (9"x12"), 12 acrylic paint colors (12ml each), 16 well plastic palette, 4 brushes (flat #2, round #4, round #6, flat #8), HB pencil (#2), and plastic palette knife.

I received this product for free in-exchange for a fair and honest review.


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